Wilmington Photographer

A Wilmington Photographer that can create the best image for every occasion.

First, the types of photography we do are Portraits, Weddings, Business, Newborn, Maternity, and Engagement sessions. Secondly, We are in Wilmington NC and surrounding areas. Finally, while we are in the area, We provide all photo services around the country. We have about 5 years experience in photography and we are ever growing. We have high hopes of providing clients with everything they need when it comes to capturing the moment. At BnC, a Wilmington Photographer does everything in his/her power to make a client happy.
Wedding photography has become quite a wanted profession among the fashion photographer nowadays. This is because of the diverse clothing, styles, emotions, angles that they are able to capture at the same location. For a fashion photographer it is indeed a challenge to capture the varied emotions on the same platform.
Initially I was of the opinion that wedding photography is not that good. It’s one shot that you get hence the misses are more than the hits. But my friend Misty changed my opinion. I did the shoot for her brother wedding and life changed for me overnight. Wedding pictures entered my life and never left again.
The praises and accolades from the clients are very satisfying. The lowering prices and the increasing demand for photographers have seen an upsurge for photographers in this industry. Be honest with the clients in the sense that if you have missed a shot, ask for another one. People will see your creativity. There are five crucial tips for one to become a professional in this field.
You must build on a strong portfolio. Variety, diversity and unique images that catch the eye are of utmost importance. Always keep your camera with you when you visit a wedding. You can also try wedding workshops wherein models come to shoot. Your latest images should be seen in your gallery- that means your gallery should always be updated.